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Effective use of sk:n's anti-blemish spot lotion

4th July 2012  : 

Blemishes, and in particular acne, can adversely affect your well-being; although physical appearance may not be the single biggest concern in life how we appear to others and how we feel about ourselves is important, as confidence goes a long way in forming and maintaining relationships.

If you are suffering from spots or acne it is important that you deal with it. Not only will it probably be causing you some distress, it is a genuinely medical issue that needs addressing. sk:n clinic's Anti-Blemish Control Lotion has clinically proven ingredients that will ensure your blemishes start to disappear, meaning you can carry on your day to day life without feeling self conscious about your skin.

Key Ingredients

The key ingredients in it are peptides and salicylic acid, which will reduce the size and the redness of your blemishes. Whilst these are powerful ingredients it's also important that you treat your skin right and also use the product correctly. When applying this product you must make sure that your face and hands are as clean as possible so that you aren't transferring more bacteria to the skin's surface.

Select an appropriate cleanser for your face and clean thoroughly with this, before applying the lotion. Regular exfoliation will also ensure that dead cells are brushed away instead of clogging up your pores, which is a potential irritant to spots and acne.

When applying the lotion itself, squeeze a small amount on to your fingertips and spread thinly and gently over the inflamed areas. You may wish to also use a pore defining product to help clear pores and reduce the likelihood of further outbreaks.

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