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Birth marks - don't let them get you down

1st July 2012  : 

Blemishes of any sort can be a huge drain on your confidence, whether they are short-term pimples, recurring conditions such as rosacea or longer-lasting scars. Everyone has them, but it's difficult to put imperfections out of our minds.

Birthmarks are one of the trickiest skin conditions to make peace with. They can't be prevented and are not caused by any specific stimulus. Almost everyone has some sort of birthmark somewhere on their body, but many people feel plagued by this natural occurrence. Where the birthmark appears, colour, size and severity can all affect our perception of these blemishes.

There are two main types of birthmarks: vascular birthmarks and pigmented birthmarks. Vascular birthmarks appear as a result of an abnormal cluster of blood vessels and can appear as anything from purple to red, and even blue, under or on the skin. Pigmented birthmarks are formed from a collection of pigment below the epidermis, which gives a brown-ish hue.

Strawberry marks, or hemnagiomas to give them their medical name, are a form of vascular birthmark. They can be raised when the blood vessels cluster just below the surface of your complexion, or flat and dark when found deeper within the skin. While they are completely normal and rarely harmful, it can be distressing to live with it, especially if they are on the face.

Treatment Options for Birthmark Removal

There are a range of treatment options available to those with strawberry marks. Laser treatment is a popular choice to shrink or even remove these birthmarks. It is a similar process as that used to treat rosacea and in scar removal treatment.

Concentrated beams of light are pulsed below the surface of the skin, effectively targeting the capillaries and blood vessels within the birthmark, without damaging the surrounding tissue. This cut off the blood supply to the area and stimulates collagen and other healing processes in the skin. You may require several treatments, depending on the severity of your birthmark, but should see results from the first session.

If you want to know more, ask a specialist consultant about what is right for you.

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