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What are the best products on the market for combination skin?

23rd July 2012  : 

Having combination skin can be a bit of a beauty woe; a constant battle between stopping dry patches on the face from becoming flaky and preventing oily regions from becoming blemish-filled. To stop the oily-dry cycle in its tracks and avoid skin conditions completely, it's far more sensible to treat your skin as the combination marvel than it is, rather than trying to maintain its dual personality.

The first step on the path to achieving a perfect balance is taking time to establish whether you have natural combination skin or if your skin problems are being exacerbated by your existing beauty routine. For the most part combination skin is inherited, but if you are using inferior products or are allergic to some of their ingredients, it's easy to end up with spots and rashes. To find out which camp you fall into, stop using all skin products altogether for a few days and slowly introduce them back into your routine one by one, this way you can work out what you need to avoid. It may be that instead of using cleansers, moisturisers and toners designed for combination skin, you actually need to purchase sensitive skin products and when you make the switch, your mismatched patches start to behave (and feel) far better.

If it turns out you do indeed have combination skin, then it's time to take action and this means purchasing facial products that are designed specifically for your skin type. The best ranges are typically those that are designed and recommended by dermatologists and will neither over-dry those areas you've seen flake in the past, nor cause acne to flourish in oily sections. Using professional products may cost you a little more initially, but it should make you significant savings in cutting down the number of purchases you have to make, as you'll no longer need to treat the counter-productive affects of an inappropriate regime.

Other Treatments for Combination Skin

In addition to following a routine specifically designed for your skin type, if you have combination skin you may also benefit from treatments such as microdermabrasion and laser skin sessions. These are not only used to treat acne but can also balance skin pigmentation and treat rosacea too.

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