Blogs from July 2012

  • Is your face revealing the inner you?

    Want your skin to look smooth and soft? Or perhaps you’re looking for improved skin tone or to hide your enlarged pores?... read more

  • Unwanted tattoo? Here's a safe way to say goodbye

    If you’ve become bored or see a tattoo you once got as a mistake; a permanent and unsightly blemish on your skin, then you may be considering removing it.... read more

  • Tattoos: tasteful or tacky?

    Many of us have those moments when the notion of having a tattoo crosses our minds. It could be on a wild weekend in Ibiza or a poignant moment which starts the cogs ticking about wanting a tattoo. But in reality do we always know what we're letting ourselves in for?... read more

  • What are the best products on the market for combination skin?

    To stop the oily-dry cycle in its tracks and avoid skin conditions completely, it's far more sensible to treat your skin as the combination marvel than it is, rather than trying to maintain its dual personality.... read more

  • Tattoo troubles

    You thought it was a good idea at the time. You couldn't imagine ever disliking that cheeky design, or the name of your true love visible for all to see. Until that important interview came up, or that true love turned out to be not so lasting after all. But the tattoo, on the other hand, is oh so lasting.... read more

  • Asian skincare - post laser hair removal

    Unwanted hair is something that women (have been dealing with for centuries. While all of us have a little bit of fluff we'd rather we didn't have, some of us are more afflicted than others.... read more

  • What laser treatment is right for birthmarks?

    Most people have some sort of birthmark, ranging from strawberry marks to port-wine stains. Some may be small and insignificant others can have a huge impact on a person's life.... read more

  • Trust is our biggest ally

    Building trust, it takes a while, but once you have gained the trust of your clients you will never look back. This is what sk:n believe has set them apart from the competition for the last 20 years.... read more

  • Putting medical knowledge at the forefront of business

    On the 28th June it was sk:n’s annual medical convention and like every year that has gone before, it was a resounding success.... read more

  • Non-invasive treatments to improve your skin's appearance

    sk:n clinics offers treatments that are suitable for anyone looking to improve their physical appearance without going under the knife; a microdermabrasion facial or chemical peel are rejuvenating treatments that will smooth the skin and make it appear fresher and more youthful.... read more

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