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Laser hair removal winter campaign

29th February 2012  : 

Laser hair removal treatments were offered at discount price at sk:n clinics as part of their winter campaign to promote that Laser Hair Removal treatments aren't restricted to a wealthy elite and offer better value for money.

Though sk:n clinics had already been offering affordable prices, it ran a series of winter discounts, with some laser hair removal treatments reduced by as much as 50 percent.

While sk:n now has more than three-dozen clinics across the country, proving laser hair removal treatments really are for everyone, it doesn't follow the lead of some rivals by charging premiums for those in the capital. Whether customers are treated in London's Harley Street or Birmingham's Bull Street, customers paid the same affordable prices and also qualified for the same great discounts. The price reduction also helped to win over customers who'd been considering alternative treatments. which was good news.

Electrolysis has been one of the most popular alternative treatments to laser hair removal. In the electrolysis vs. laser hair removal debate, cheapest isn't always best. For example, electrolysis - which involves placing an electric needle directly into the hair follicle - is more likely to cause pain. Meanwhile laser hair removal - which uses the malanin pigment to carry the laser safely and efficiently to the base of the follicle - usually causes mild discomfort at worst, with the vast majority of customer finding this well worth putting up with.

Another factor that's important to many customers is that laser hair removal is much more practical for large areas of skin such as legs, torsos or arms. Using electrolysis in these areas not only means prolonging the pain, but the costs can soon mount up.

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