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Does laser hair removal work?

5th February 2012  : 

Does laser hair removal work? The simple answer is: yes, but the level of success often depends on the client's hair and skin type. The lasers used for hair removal work by recognizing melanin contained near the root of a follicle and applying heat to remove the follicle. While many experience excellent results from laser hair removal, there are certain hair and skin types which are less suitable for the procedure.

Grey, blonde or red hair makes it much harder for the laser to do its work effectively, due to lower levels of melanin being present near the root of the follicle. Because the laser works by recognizing the dark pigmentation of melanin in the hair follicle, lighter hair types can reduce the success rate of the laser in pinpointing and removing them.

Because higher levels of melanin are present in tanned or darker skinned people, hair removal lasers find it more difficult to recognize the melanin present near the roots of their follicles, which reduces their effectiveness in identifying and removing the follicles. People with lighter hair or darker skin types should consult a technician to find out whether they are suitable for hair removal.

Of course, the skill of the technician that carries out the procedure will also impact upon how successful it is. Always conduct some research into clinics before making an appointment and choose a reputable technician to perform the procedure. It is far better to pay more for successful treatment than to pay less and gain unsatisfactory results.

Many people enjoy great results from laser hair removal. If you are considering undergoing treatment be sure to consult a professional technician who will be able to advise whether it is suitable for you.

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