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Can you get laser hair removal for men?

14th February 2012  : 

Laser hair removal is not exclusive to women only. Men can and have enjoyed the benefits of this treatment which makes it a popular amongst them.

What Body Parts Can Be Treated?

Hair removal for men treatments are most often performed on the shoulders, back, chest, back of the neck and legs. Laser hair removal for men is used for all these areas and can also be used on many other areas of dark hair. As the treatment uses the hair's own melanin to conduct the laser, white and blond hair is not suitable. If you are unsure whether laser hair removal is suitable for a particular body part or hair colour, laser hair removal clinicians can discuss your needs with you.

What Are the Advantages of this Method of Hair Removal for Men?

Unlike waxing or shaving, laser hair removal offers more than a quick-fix solution to unwanted hair. The treatment affects the follicles of the hair, from which the hair grows, meaning that the growth of the treated hairs slows down. This makes it a great option for long term hair reduction. It can be used on both large and small body areas, and is quick, painless and safe.

What Can I Expect From the Treatment?

Laser hair removal for men is a quite painless treatment, although some discomfort may be experienced during the treatment itself. Slight reddening of the skin may also occur, but this will normally disappear within 24 hours. With regular treatments, you will notice a reduction in hair growth and that those hairs which remain are lighter and finer. Your clinicians will discuss your treatment schedule with you, as everybody is different and may require more or less treatments for a result you are happy with.

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