Blogs from February 2012

  • Laser hair removal winter campaign

    Laser hair removal treatments were offered at discount price at sk:n clinics as part of their winter campaign to promote that Laser Hair Removal treatments aren't restricted to a wealthy elite and offer better value for money.... read more

  • Latest trend in men's grooming

    Call it the rise of the metrosexuals. Call it a blow for equality, Call it a triumph of technology over timidity. But whatever you call it, laser hair removal for men is becoming the in-thing.

    ... read more

  • Laser hair removal becomes more popular with celebrities

    In five and a half years sk:n has carried out over 518,000 laser hair removal treatments, and the reasons for this are pretty simple - with celebrity culture on the increase the pressure to look your best has grown and coupled with the rise of social networking it has become important to look your best at all times.... read more

  • sk:n makes Laser hair removal easy, pain free and affordable

    A reduction in laser hair removal prices meant even more people had access to the treatment which has been wrongly thought of as the preserve of the rich and famous.... read more

  • sk:n test cricket players

    Cricket is all about awareness and keeping your eye on the ball. That makes it all the more appropriate that Northampton's clinic has recently checked the skin of 20 players to look for damage caused by the sun.... read more

  • sk:n open days to raise awareness of skin damage by sunbeds

    A campaign to raise awareness amongst young people about the dangers of using sun bed salons is offering the public free skin assessments throughout February and March.... read more

  • Can Laser hair removal be used for bikini line?

    Before going on holiday many women choose to have unsightly hair removed from their bikini line. There are many types of bikini line hair removal available which vary in cost, method and effectiveness.... read more

  • Can you get laser hair removal for men?

    Laser hair removal is not exclusive to women only. Men can and have enjoyed the benefits of this treatment which makes it a popular amongst them.... read more

  • How long does laser hair removal last?

    One of the first questions raised by people considering treatment is: how long does laser hair removal last? In short, the length of time needed between treatments will depend on people's skin and hair types.... read more

  • How does laser hair removal work?

    Laser hair removal may seem like magic, but there's science behind it: science that makes it both effective and safe. It's commonly confused with another light-based technique, but is generally held to be a superior method.... read more

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