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Where is laser hair removal effective?

27th December 2012

When it comes to the question of which bit of our body embarrasses us the most we all have different answers and a different reason for that part of us being such a source of shame.

For some people the embarrassment might be caused by stretch marks or uneven skin tone, but for many others the embarrassment is simply down to unwanted hair. Whether it's on our buttocks or our shoulders, our hands or our lips, unwanted hair is one of the most common causes of concern for men and women.

Many people remove this unwanted hair by tweezing, shaving or waxing, before having to remove it again a couple of months, weeks or even days later. Laser hair removal on the other hand reduce the appearance of hair permanently, but some people are put off because they think the procedure has limitations concerning where it works.

Many people think that their more intimate regions are too sensitive for laser hair removal, but as long as a trained nurse or dermatologist is performing the treatment the procedure is perfectly safe. There's practically no part of the body that can't successfully be treated. In fact, laser hair removal is only ineffective when used on light hair. This is because light hair doesn't contain melanin, which is what the laser targets to break down the hair cell.

Until there is a breakthrough in dermatology and hair removal, getting rid of light hair with laser treatment won't be possible. However, when it concerns dark hair current laser technology is sophisticated enough to work on any part of the body. So whether trying to get rid of a small patch of hair or an entire body's worth, laser surgery is effective from head to toe.

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