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19th December 2012

Anyone with a skin condition will freely admit that however confident they are about their appearance there are always occasions when they wish they could achieve a flawless look. In these cases concealers and foundations can be useful for covering up dark circles and pigmentation or reducing blemishes.

However, while many concealers and foundations manage to make you look great on the night this often comes at a price. Poor quality ingredients only clog up your pores and leave you looking and feeling worse the next morning.

Thankfully, there is a product on the market that not only makes you look great, but is also good for your skin: Lycogel. The Triple Silica-Gel Base and Lyco Complex and Apple Stem Technology in the concealer and foundation ensure that skin is hydrated. This helps to encourage skin repair and can even restore tissue firmness and skin elasticity, which is very unusual in a product of this type.

This means that you no longer have to feel guilty about using products on your skin that can only help you achieve a flawless look by damaging your skin. Even better, you no longer have to reserve looking good for special occasions - the Lycogel range is great for use on your skin every day because of how lightweight and breathable it is. While you'll still want to continue using your regular skin care products, you can be confident knowing that looking good is also good for your skin.

Of course, the concealer and foundation would be of no use if it didn't blend in well with your skin tone. Thankfully the concealer comes in four shades while the foundation is available in 10 different tones, including ebony, ivory and beige, meaning there'll most likely be something suitable for your skin.

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