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The latest red carpet procedure

5th December 2012

For decades celebrity magazines have shown how famous women are not all quite as naturally drop dead gorgeous as they might seem, by highlighting the different types of treatments they have.

Whether they're having simple dermatology treatments or more invasive cosmetic surgery, these stories have shown 'normal' women that they too can achieve the A-List look with a little bit of help. While male celebrities might not have been quite so willing to admit to getting help, this attitude is surely changing.

For example, it's well known that Paul McCartney has had Botox, while Wayne Rooney's recent hair transplant was well publicised. Something a lot of men are considering for themselves at the moment, however, is laser hair removal. Whether it's to get rid of unwanted back hair or to make your torso a bit smoother (and emphasise those abs in the process) the popularity of laser hair removal amongst men is rocketing at the moment.

It's obvious that often the decision to have hair removed isn't just a personal one. There are strong rumours that R&B singer Kanye West was convinced by girlfriend Kim Kardashian to undergo hair removal for a smoother look and feel. While West was said to be anxious (quite why is a mystery - it isn't painful), it's no surprise that he wanted to keep his lady happy.

Even men regarded as drop-dead gorgeous haven't been afraid to give themselves a helping hand. While there's no way to say for sure whether Brad Pitt has undergone laser hair removal, his smooth hairless chest could certainly be the work of the cosmetic procedure. Meanwhile, Daniel Craig may have to work hard to make sure that he still looks buff in the latest James Bond film, but it wouldn't be surprising to hear that his smooth chest looked after itself thanks to the straightforward treatment.

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