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Taking care of your skin before and after the gym

29th December 2012

We're more aware than ever about just how important it is to stay healthy, and for many people regular visits to the gym are vital parts of a healthy lifestyle. However, while it's obviously important that we take great care of our bodies, this shouldn't be at the expense of our skin.

Sweat that dries up on our skin after a gym workout can cause clogged pores, irritation, redness and even acne flare ups, so if you want to look as good as you feel, you need to think about what's happening to your skin.

Firstly, it's best to exercise without make up on, as this will just add to the clogging of pores and skin irritation. Even make up that is designed to be moisture resistant probably isn't intended for such an amount of sweat, but if you refuse to be seen at the gym with a bare face at least use this kind of specialist make up. During the workout itself make sure to keep hydrated - you need to replace all the water that you're sweating out.

After your gym session you should ideally shower to remove all the dried up sweat that is sticking to your face and body. If washing all over isn't an option at least make sure you wash your face. If for some bizarre reason there aren't any washing facilities where you train you can even bring cleansing facial wipes. Whatever you do, get rid of that dirt and grime.

While you might want to apply a light moisturiser after a workout to soothe any inflammation or redness, your other skin care products should wait for bedtime, as immediately after a workout skin is more sensitive than usual. While these tips will help most people incorporate skin care into their gym routine others may find their skin's reaction to sweat much more troublesome. In these situations professional help from a dermatologist could be just what you need to feel good on the inside while still looking great on the outside.

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