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Discover the effects that Fraxel can have on your D‚colletage

11th December 2012

As anti-ageing gains in popularity, more and more women are trying to turn back time on their ageing skin. With everything from Botox to collagen fillers and microdermabrasion readily available, dermatologists are seeing a rise in the number of women who want smooth, youthful skin.

Anti-wrinkle treatments have gone from being taboo to being the norm, but many women focus their anti-ageing efforts solely on their face. Unfortunately, this often leads to women neglecting of one of the most complained about areas: the decolletage.

A focal point for most modern fashion, this sensual area is commonly associated with elegance. As you grow older, the thin skin around the decolletage becomes damaged and looses collagen, leaving it prone to wrinkles, freckles and sun spots.

While there are several procedures available for older skin, the Fraxel laser treatment provides a quick and easy solution to an ageing decolletage. The process uses safe, non-ablative laser technology to resurface the skin, leaving smoother, clearer, fresher tissue behind. The patented lasers penetrate deep into the skin, treating small areas at a time, and stimulating growth that replaces the old, damaged cells with newer, healthier skin.

Fraxel dual laser treatment is tailored to your needs, with two options available. The 1550 laser penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, targeting wrinkles and scarring, while the 1927 effectively targets tone and pigmentation issues. The two lasers work in harmony and can be combined to reach your desired outcome.

The process is safe and effective, with minimal down time. While the procedure works best after a number of sessions, the results are instantly visible; improving the tone and texture of the skin, eliminating brown spots, freckles or discolouration, and reducing large pores, wrinkles and scars, leaving only youthful, glowing skin.

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