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Is there anywhere you shouldn't have laser hair removal?

21st December 2012

Many people, both male and female, have unwanted body hair. Many of these people may stick to traditional hair removal methods such as shaving or waxing because they don't think laser hair removal is appropriate for them. What they don't know is that thanks to technological advances in dermatology, laser hair removal is more affordable than ever and can be used to treat practically any area of the body.

For some people the unwanted hair on their bodies is practically impossible to cover up because it is on their faces. While unwanted hair on the upper lip is one of the most common complaints from many women, a lot of people also feel self-conscious about hair they may have on their chin or earlobes.

Unwanted hair can often dictate the type of clothes people wear - even on hot summer days people with unwanted hair on their forearms may wear long-sleeved tops. Many women and men wish they could leave their swimwear at home when they go on holiday because of unsightly hair on their shoulders, back or stomachs.

Then there are those intimate regions that are not put on display so much but can still be a major cause of anxiety. These delicate areas can be so problematic that they can even lead to relationship issues because some people suffer from serious insecurities about their bodies. However, even the most sensitive of areas such as the buttocks can be treated: the crippling embarrassment unwanted hair can cause really isn't necessary.

Laser hair removal is effective for treating very small areas or whole bodies and is suitable for practically any skin type, making it a very popular form of skin removal - especially because it's permanent. Just remember, while laser hair removal is perfectly safe when practised by a professional, it can be dangerous in the wrong hands: always make sure you have a consultation with a dermatologist so you can be confident about any treatment you receive.

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