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Top-ten skin tips for men

26th August 2012  : 

Skincare isn't just for girls - if you look after your skin it will do the same for you. This means fewer rashes and blemishes, no painful trapped hairs and hopefully - looking good for longer.

If you or your man has no idea where to start when it comes to looking after them from the outside, these tips are a great place to start:

Establish a routine

Men's grooming routines are usually built around their shaving habits, though the products they use aren't always suitable. To prevent trapped hair follicles occurring and to make shaving easier - always wash before shaving, preferably with an exfoliating cleanser and rinse with very warm water to open up the pores. After shaving, don't assume lotion is all you will need - many men end up with dry skin because they are moisturiser avoiders, but there's nothing manly about a dry skin rash!

Be aware of skin enemies

The elements can all make their mark on your skin - the sun's rays act as a catalyst for lines and wrinkles and if you work or exercise outdoors the wind and rain will help to dry your skin too. Take precautions by using sunscreen and consider using products designed for dry skin if it dehydrates and becomes flaky.

Don’t use cheap products

Many of the cheaper products out there can leave your skin greasy and block pores or be very harsh and strip your skin, leading to irritation. Don't be afraid of splashing out a little more - you'll often be rewarded with a product that not only performs better, but also lasts longer.

Listen to your skin

If you do break out in spots or eczema listen to your skin! Sometimes symptoms like these can be caused by stress, but they can equally be brought on by using the wrong products - try eliminating different aspects of your face grooming routine one by one to establish the problem.

Lookout for specialist ranges and take advice

If your run-of-the-mill skin cleanser is causing you irritation problems you may need to invest in sensitive skin products. Our skin changes all of the time - as we age and with the changing of the seasons as different elements make an impact on it. With this in mind, you may need to switch between ranges to keep up with what best works as part of your routine.

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