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Top-ten skin care tips from a dermatologist

23rd August 2012  : 

Dermatology is to do with the damage you do to your skin on a daily basis and dermatologists advise you on how to treat and improve your skin. Most people are born with skin that is perfect - just think of the beauty of a newborn baby's skin with its healthy glow.

However, as you get older certain things may impact on the appearance of your skin such as acne when you are a teenager causing skin blemishes or too much sun potentially resulting in skin cancer.

So, below are a number of skin care tips from dermatologists some of which include the use of skin care products:

1. Wash your face at night because once your pores are clear the chance of developing a spot is reduced.

2. After the age of 40 your hormone levels reduce resulting in your skin starting to dry out. You should refresh your skin in the morning using lukewarm water to put moisture back in the skin.

3. Become UV obsessed by protecting your skin from the hot sun with sunscreen with strength of at least factor 30.

4. Keep stress to a minimum as the hormone cortisol breaks down collagen and can cause facial redness and acne. Eating berries, oranges and asparagus should help counteract this and using deep breathing exercises should help reduce your stress levels.

5. Use Retinoid that is a cream containing vitamin A to stimulate collagen growth.

6. Regularly review and update your skin care products as our skin becomes used to creams and some become less effective.

7. Eat food containing omega - 3 such as salmon and almonds as these will boost hydration.

8. Exercise regularly because people who do have firmer skin as increased oxygen promotes collagen production.

9. Sleep at least 7-8 hours per night because tired skin ages quicker.

10. Drink plenty of water for hydration.Hopefully by following the above tips will result in an improvement in your skin.

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