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Ten bad skin care habits

25th August 2012  : 

If you break out in blemishes just before a big night out it's probably not your skin you should be cursing, skin conditions from dryness to spots often occur because of our mistreatment of what is the biggest organ in our body.

Put in a top effort to avoid potential pitfalls by avoiding these bad habits:

1. Sharing makeup is ill-advised, not only are things like foundation designed for particular skin pigmentations, but you can end up spreading infections - particularly if you share eye makeup.

2. Using out of date products is alarmingly common. Not only will your makeup not help you look your best if it's a few months out of date, it could actually lead to developing a nasty rash or worse.

3. Not removing makeup before bed is another beauty baddy that we can all slip into from time to time. If you come in after a night on the tiles, at the very least you should reach for a cleansing wipe - your hangover will seem even worse if you wake up with spots too!

4. Using body moisturiser on your face can seem like a great money saving idea, but it's usually far richer, which means your face might not thank you for the switch.

5. Forgetting to moisturise once or twice is passable, but you shouldn't let it slip from your routine altogether.

6. Not using sunscreen just isn't an option if you want to avoid lines and wrinkles. If you like to minimise the number of products you use, look out for tinted moisturisers and foundations that contain SPF.7. Ignoring what your skin tells you is never wise. If your skin stings when you use a certain product - ditch it! Similarly, if you break out in a rash or your skin starts to dry, try and work out if it could be a product you are using.

8. Over exfoliating is a rising problem. We all know that exfoliating regularly helps us avoid blemishes, but if you overdo it you can end up in the same boat, particularly if you have sensitive skin.

9. Becoming blasé about your beauty routine could mean ignoring important changes - as we grow older our skin's needs change, just as they do from season to season. With this in mind, you may find your chosen routine isn't the best all-year-round.

10. Squeezing spots is a beauty 'no' of the highest order. Squeeze to hard and you'll burst open the bottom of the pore - spreading nasty bacteria into the next pore as well as potentially leaving you with scarring.

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