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Men and anti-ageing treatments

28th August 2012  : 

The impact of ageing on the appearance is now felt as keenly by many men as it is by women, which is why in recent years, skincare brands such as sk:n clinics have been producing specialist ranges designed to cater directly for the needs of a male skin.

When it comes to grooming, more and more men are looking beyond simple soap and water, incorporating anti-wrinkle products such as moisturiser into their daily routine.

However, their efforts don't just end there, men have been seeking solutions to treat the signs of ageing in increasing numbers, so much so that the term 'Brotox' has been coined in recognition of the rising number of men seeking non-surgical treatments.

Thanks to male celebrities such as Simon Cowell openly admitting that they use Botox® to help keep wrinkles at bay, the perceived taboo surrounding male cosmetic treatments has diminished rapidly. Recent figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) show that Botox use among men rose by 258 per cent between 2000 and 2010, with 336,834 Botox treatments carried out on men in 2010 alone.

Botox for Men

So, why is Botox proving so popular? The non-surgical treatment is far less expensive and more discreet than cosmetic surgery, add to that the fact it requires no recovery or down time and it makes for a very convenient option.

For some it's an alternative to a facelift and it's often used in combination with other anti-wrinkle treatments like fillers in order to produce what is called a 'liquid facelift', though it's just as popular on its own.Botox® works by relaxing muscles, allowing lines and wrinkles to be smoothed.

This means that it can make skin look younger, or even iron out frown lines and make individuals look friendlier - a great advantage for business men.

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