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Kim Kardashian and laser resurfacing

30th August 2012

It is a fact that you will get older but you can contain the ageing process in a number of ways including skin treatments. The sooner you start to do something about it the longer you can stay looking younger.

Celebrities and other people in the public eye need to take care of themselves as often their faces play a part in helping them achieve success. If we take Kim Kardashian as an example, she has admitting to look good because, amongst other things, she has had laser resurfacing.

This is one of a number of non-surgical treatments that can be used on various parts of your body including your face. It helps to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles and allows the skin to show that youthful glow that we all had in our teens and early twenties. The process is quick and painless and uses light rays to reduce wrinkles. This means that it only touches the parts of the skin that it needs to, thus reducing the recovery time.

The laser delivers pinpricks of energy into the skin and is credited with boosting collagen and thereby plumping skin. It seems to reverse the ageing process and can help with acne scars and heal skin damage.

Before treatment with a laser the client will be asked to follow a regime of microdermabrasion. This will peel off old skin cells and scrub pores to allow more oxygen to the skin.

Skin after Laser Resurfacing

After the laser resurfacing which is set at three different levels depending on how deep the wrinkles are wrinkles will be vastly reduced with a 50% - 90% reduction. The client's skin may feel a little sensitive for a few days but it is a much pleasanter experience when compared to what you would experience after surgery or after traditional CO2 laser treatment.

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