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Is it time to get that tattoo removed?

29th August 2012  : 

If you are thinking about having a tattoo removed, you'd be in good company. Every year a number of high profile celebrities undergo tattoo removal; whether it be to remove the name of an ex lover or something a little larger.

Last year American actress Megan Fox joined this group and started the elimination of her tattoo collection with laser treatments on a portrait of Marilyn Monroe on her right forearm."I was stubborn and I thought that I would love it forever, or that it would be like a book of my life, all the things that I loved when I was younger," Fox said, admitting that her younger self had been wrong in making the presumption that she'd always love her tattoos.

Like Ms Fox, individuals can often grow tired of their tattoos and when they do they are faced with a choice of covering them over with new inking or removing them with specialist cream or laser treatments. Of course, there are other reasons that encourage people to seek tattoo removal; according to recent statistics from the US, an increasing number of people are choosing to undergo tattoo removal in order to help them in the highly competitive job market.

The website 'A Patient's Guide' found that instances of laser tattoo removal increased by 32 per cent over the past year, with 40 per cent of cases citing employment as the reason behind their decision to have a tattoo removed. Whatever the reasons behind the decision for tattoo removal, patients who choose to go down the route of laser tattoo removal can expect to go through a number of treatment sessions.

Density, colour and size of the tattoo are all factors in the number of sessions that are required, with a laser being used in each session to slowly break down the colour pigments of the ink. People who have had laser removal carried out compare it to a burning or prickling sensation, though local anaesthetic cream can be used to help numb any pain or discomfort.

Those undergoing treatment are advised to use high factor sun cream until the skin is fully healed, though as a non-surgical procedure no recovery time is required.

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