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Five excuses for not getting skin treatment

27th August 2012  : 

There are many reasons why people do not look at the variety of skin treatments available today.

However, when you ask them to point out celebrities that they admire they will inevitably show someone who has had Botox® or laser resurfacing or indeed a full surgical procedure.

Skin condition is a major factor in the ageing process so skin treatments should start before ageing shows if at all possible. Being careful about sun-screen, taking exercise regularly, having a healthy diet, regular hydration and keeping stress to a minimum can help contain the ageing process but, eventually, however careful you are, you will age.

Here are 5 excuses given for not having skin treatments:

1. You may feel that because you have good genes you will look younger for longer although there comes a point when a person will age.

2. Your mother may have just used soap and water so what was good for her you may feel is also good for you. That may be the case but skin treatments have improved over the years as scientists and dermatologists made inroads into the understanding of skin problems and how to deal with them.

3. You may be reluctant to undergo some form of treatment as it could involve an element of pain in the procedure but there are non - surgical treatments available that involve no form of pain at all.

4. You may be of the opinion that such treatments do not work but it has been proven that that is just not the case. They can restart collagen, reverse sun damage and help with acne scars.

5. You may be put off by the cost but some non-surgical treatments are well within many people's budget.You really ought to look into the options before dismissing treatment altogether.

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