Blogs from August 2012

  • Kim Kardashian and laser resurfacing

    It is a fact that you will get older but you can contain the ageing process in a number of ways including skin treatments. The sooner you start to do something about it the longer you can stay looking younger.... read more

  • Is it time to get that tattoo removed?

    If you are thinking about having a tattoo removed, you'd be in good company. Every year a number of high profile celebrities undergo tattoo removal; whether it be to remove the name of an ex lover or something a little larger.... read more

  • Men and anti-ageing treatments

    The impact of ageing on the appearance is now felt as keenly by many men as it is by women, which is why in recent years, skincare brands such as sk:n clinics have been producing specialist ranges designed to cater directly for the needs of a male skin.... read more

  • Five excuses for not getting skin treatment

    There are many reasons why people do not look at the variety of skin treatments available today.... read more

  • Top-ten skin tips for men

    Skincare isn't just for girls - if you look after your skin it will do the same for you. This means fewer rashes and blemishes, no painful trapped hairs and hopefully - looking good for longer. ... read more

  • Ten bad skin care habits

    If you break out in blemishes just before a big night out it's probably not your skin you should be cursing, skin conditions from dryness to spots often occur because of our mistreatment of what is the biggest organ in our body.... read more

  • Top-ten skin care tips from a dermatologist

    Dermatology is to do with the damage you do to your skin on a daily basis and dermatologists advise you on how to treat and improve your skin.... read more

  • Hair removal trends for men

    The sun has finally come out, and it's not just women who are making the mad dash to skin clinics for last-minute skin-hair removal procedures.... read more

  • Non-Surgical Treatments in Liverpool: Say no to the knife

    Many of us aren't satisfied with the natural state of our bodies and lots of us have considered cosmetic surgery to improve the way we look and feel about ourselves.... read more

  • sk:n is Liverpool's leading skincare clinic

    There are many aspects to take into consideration when trying to find someone in Liverpool to help you make your skin look its absolute best.... read more

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