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Warwickshire cricket team extends sk:n sponsorship

3rd April 2012  : 

Warwickshire Country Cricket Club has signed a renewal deal which will see Birmingham-based skincare specialists, sk:n Clinics, acting as the team's primary sponsor for the 2012 County Championship season. The renewal means this will be the fifth year that sk:n has sponsored the team.

With many hours spent out of doors in direct sunshine, both in the UK and abroad, cricketers have to take particular care to avoid sun damaged skin. As part of their sponsorship deal, members of the Warwickshire team are subjected to regular skin scans organised by staff at sk:n Clinics to ensure that any problems are spotted at the earliest possible opportunity.

In addition, sk:n now has a similar role within the Professional Cricketers Association (PCA) and provides a consultancy service for each of the 18 of the teams located in the First Class cricket counties. All members of the PCA have been required to have skin checks since 2009.

sk:n sponsorship not only helps to keep the players safe but also helps to raise awareness of the problem of skin cancer - a fast-growing problem in the UK with at least 100,000 new cases being diagnosed each year. Anyone spending a great deal of time outside such as a gardener, golfer or farmer, is advised to have their skin checked on a regular basis.

Checks include a thorough examination of the skin pigmentation and monitoring the condition of moles to see if they change size or shape during the course of the year - a potential warning sign that could indicate the presence of a melanoma, a form of cancer.

Although skin cancer is extremely dangerous, the cure rate is higher than 90 per cent for cases that are spotted early enough. The disease can also be prevented by taking the proper precautions when out in the sun such as wearing hats and applying sun-block.

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