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Sensational summer skin

1st April 2012  : 

When the sun comes out this season, so should your summer skin care regime, so that you're ready to look beautiful as the temperature rises You definitely don't want to suffer any sun damage or bring on embarrassing skin conditions as a result of not taking care in the sun. But following these simple tips will make all the difference.

First up, slap on the sun cream, and don't hold back. A liberal covering several times a day with a suitable factor is essential, and don't forget to reapply after going for a swim or a shower.

Secondly, drink plenty of fluids. It's easy to forget to up the drinks when it's hot outside, but it's so important to prevent your skin from getting dry. And when it comes to taking exercise, sports drinks often contain added minerals for an even healthier glow. Applying moisturiser each day will also help and ultimately ward off the dreaded wrinkles - a common side effect of dry skin or over-exposure to the sun.

Thirdly, exfoliate. You can do this at home with a loufah and an over-the-counter skin exfoliant. Or you could opt for a skin peel at a skin clinic, for a longer-lasting effect. The bonus of skin peels is that they can combat other sun-related skin damage too, such as acne and pigmentation problems, and leave your skin looking radiant.

Fourthly, monitor your diet. Protein-rich food can help repair skin damage and nourish the skin, and antioxidants in summer fruits such as blueberries, or in leafy green vegetables, can aid collagen production.

Next, stock up on soothing creams to treat eczema, heat rashes, insect bites or cold sores; all more likely to break out in the heat.

Lastly, RELAX! Links have been made between stress and skin conditions, so make sure you really unwind and enjoy yourself this summer.

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