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Get spotless skin this summer

10th April 2012  : 

So summer is around the corner, and you want to be looking your best, sporting a great tan and glowing skin. But hang on a minute, what is that oily sheen covering your face, and why have you been visited by those red, angry spots again?

For those with naturally oily skin, acne is a common upsetting condition, leaving people frustrated and embarrassed. Why does it happen? Usually it is because the subaceous glands that produce oil to keep our skin healthy start to become overactive, often due to simple heredity, or hormone levels. Just as the teenage years can bring with them the humiliation of spots; not only on the face but also the neck, chest and back; so too can pregnancy, menopause, use of birth-control pills and hormonal imbalances.

But don't fear - there are things you can do for both acne and acne scarring to resolve the problem and bring back your confidence. For acne, simple adjustments to your skincare routine can really help, such as avoiding harsh cleansers or soaps or extreme temperatures when washing, and avoiding oil-based cosmetics.There are several effective acne treatments out there too, tailored to meet the needs of adults as well as teenagers. Laser treatment is safe and painless, and works by purifying the skin. It is usually used alongside skin peels, which clean and tone the skin, leaving it spot-free and much smoother and healthier looking.

Scar treatment often involves microdermabrasion, which is a process that uses minute crystals to unclog pores and exfoliate the skin. Usually, you need other treatments to complement it, such as peels or laser skin resurfacing.

For both acne and acne scarring, be prepared for a treatment programme of about six weeks. But take heart - the results can be life-changing and worth every penny!

You can feel confident in approaching a practitioner for a specialist consultation, where they will tell you exactly what treatments suit you.

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