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A flawless finish

26th April 2012  : 

We all love flawless skin. But this look can be hard to achieve when you have a problem with large pores. The presence of large pores is one of those skin conditions that can affect women of all ages. Whilst they cannot be eliminated entirely, their appearance can be easily improved by the careful application of good quality make up, and regular preventative treatments.

1. Firstly, ensure that you have scrupulously clean skin. Use a gentle exfoliator that removes dead skin cells, or a cleanser that has been formulated to refine and reduce the size of pores. Pat dry and then sweep toner across your face with cotton wool, until your face looks and feels completely clean.

2. You are ready for the first phases of makeup. Use a primer or base on your face first, which will even out the skin's surface enormously and also help make up stay in place for longer.

3. Next, touch up any obvious flaws with a well-matched concealer.

4. Once you have prepared the canvas you are ready for foundation. Use a water-based, oil-free foundation and a good brush or sponge to sweep small dabs of makeup downwards (upwards raises the facial hairs, creating an uneven look). Apply until the skin is smooth and evenly covered, but don't overdo it or the foundation will fill the pores and make them seem larger.

5. You're now for the rest of your make-up, such as lipstick and mascara, but ensure you apply a dusting of loose, translucent powder afterwards. This will further camouflage large pores, set your make up, absorb oil and eliminate shine, giving a professional finish.

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