Blogs from April 2012

  • Banish those lines

    In the vast arsenal of anti-ageing products, wrinkle creams are one of the most essential weapons.Every year there seem to be an increasing number to choose from, containing ever-more exotic ingredients. So what exactly should we look for in a wrinkle cream and how do we ensure that it is the right one for us?... read more

  • A flawless finish

    We all love flawless skin. But this look can be hard to achieve when you have a problem with large pores. The presence of large pores is one of those skin conditions that can affect women of all ages.... read more

  • Get even skin tone

    There is one thing that can make or break how you feel about your appearance: your skin. It is always on show and, even though make-up can hide minor blemishes, there is nothing that boosts your confidence more than a beautiful complexion and even skin tone.... read more

  • Fun without the sun

    Looking back at images from the 1970s, where women in minute bikinis scorched themselves in the searing heat, using nothing more than oil to crisp up their colour, it's hard not to grimace. Yes, they may have a deep, golden hue but as well know now; they were risking catastrophic sun damage.... read more

  • Soothing Words: Get relief from acne inflammation

    Acne can be a real problem for sufferers. The condition, which can appear as spots or raised bumps on the face or body is common, particularly in teenagers, but can last well into adulthood. The good news is that it is usually treatable.... read more

  • Get spotless skin this summer

    So summer is around the corner, and you want to be looking your best, sporting a great tan and glowing skin. But hang on a minute, what is that oily sheen covering your face, and why have you been visited by those red, angry spots again?... read more

  • Super foods for super skin

    When it comes to encouraging healthy skin, it's not just a case of which foods to eat, but when to eat them.... read more

  • Non-surgical treatments

    As the trend in cosmetic procedures rise and more people are opting for cosmetic treatments, there are still some who are wary of going under the knife and choose non-invasive solutions.... read more

  • Warwickshire cricket team extends sk:n sponsorship

    Warwickshire Country Cricket Club has signed a renewal deal which will see Birmingham-based skincare specialists, sk:n Clinics, acting as the team's primary sponsor for the 2012 County Championship season.... read more

  • Sensational summer skin

    You definitely don't want to suffer any sun damage or bring on embarrassing skin conditions as a result of not taking care in the sun. But following these simple tips will make all the difference.... read more

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