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  • How to relieve winter related eczema?

    Eczema is a skin condition that most commonly affects children. However, the harsh environment that our skin is subjected to in the winter months means that once the temperature drops many more adults also have to contend with the painful symptoms of eczema.... read more

  • Taking care of your skin before and after the gym

    We're more aware than ever about just how important it is to stay healthy, and for many people regular visits to the gym are vital parts of a healthy lifestyle. However, while it's obviously important that we take great care of our bodies, this shouldn't be at the expense of our skin. ... read more

  • Where is laser hair removal effective?

    When it comes to the question of which bit of our body embarrasses us the most we all have different answers and a different reason for that part of us being such a source of shame.... read more

  • The beginner's guide to Thermage

    When it comes to looking younger there's one ingredient that works wonders: collagen. A lot of different skin care treatments work by improving the skin's existing collagen or promoting the production of new collagen to make skin look younger and healthier. ... read more

  • The hidden benefits of anti-oxidants

    Whether snacking on pecans, adding kidney beans to pastas or even indulging in dark chocolate, consuming anti-oxidants can lower blood pressure, increase the flow of blood to your heart and even soothe coughs. However, did you also know that skin care products with anti oxidants can be just as good for you?... read more

  • Is there anywhere you shouldn't have laser hair removal?

    Many people, both male and female, have unwanted body hair. Many of these people may stick to traditional hair removal methods such as shaving or waxing because they don't think laser hair removal is appropriate for them.... read more

  • The lycogel range...

    Anyone with a skin condition will freely admit that however confident they are about their appearance there are always occasions when they wish they could achieve a flawless look.... read more

  • What is thermage and is it worth it?

    The ageing process is something which catches up with us all, but is it possible to keep old father's time effects on the skin at bay or even reverse the damage that has already been done? Yes! It's called Thermage - one of the best skin care treatments money can buy.... read more

  • What is the job of a Dermatologist

    A dermatologist is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions ranging from rosacea and acne to the removal of thread veins and wrinkles.... read more

  • 10 perfect skin treatments for Mum this Christmas

    With Christmas fast approaching, it is the time to start thinking about what gifts to buy loved ones. Mums can be difficult people to buy for; especially when they insist they don't want or need anything this year.... read more

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