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The perfect cleanse - the ultimate start to a flawless finish

12nd December 2011  : 

The building blocks of a first class skin regime, starts with THE most essential of beauty rituals, and that’s the perfect cleanse. Putting in a little effort here reaps real long term rewards in your skin. Cleansing and exfoliating removes dead cells and impurities, eliminating the excess oil or dry skin that can block pores and generally lead to a dull complexion. The skin looks fresher, brighter and more refined while lines and wrinkles are softened. sk:n's nursing director Ruth Breeden is understandably a huge fan of great cleansing rituals, she sees the fabulous results at sk:n’s 40 nationwide clinics everyday. To get the ultimate cleanse, follow Ruth’s tips:

1. Be bespoke - a blanket approach to cleansing just won’t do.  The skin around your eyes is thinner and therefore much more delicate so you really need to use a specific eye make-up remover that will be both gentle and effective.

2. Be targeted - use a cleanser that is specific to your skin type, any old cleanser isn’t going to cut it. Most women misdiagnose their own skin type so taking a little professional advice here is recommended because you don’t want a cleanser that is too light or harsh for your skin.

3. Be kind - always use luke warm water when cleansing - not too hot as this will dry out your skin and not too cold as you don’t want any broken capillaries.

4. Be thorough - massage the cleanser in for one to two minutes, ensuring your face is evenly covered. I would definitely recommend a double cleanse if you’ve worn heavy make-up that day.  

5. Be gentle - finally rinse thoroughly with luke warm water and don’t be rough, the best thing to do at the end is to pat dry.

6. Be professional - for an even more radiant complexion, after cleansing lift off any build up of cells by exfoliating 2 or 3 times per week with products containing glycolic acid.  This is an amazing ingredient for lifting off dead skin to reveal new skin beneath and a beautifully glowing new you.

7. Be diligent - finish your perfect cleanse with a moisturiser for a final dose of skin goodness but go lightly, as it’s common for women to put on too much and undo the benefits of that great cleanse.


The perfect sk:n products…

Vitamin Rich Cleanser (£11)

  • Available for the following skin types: oily skin, normal/combination and dry/sensitive
  • Contains Evening Primose Oil with soothing and heal and Vitamins A, C & E

Facial Exfoliating Cleanser for normal/combination(£20)

  • Contains glycolic acid to remove dead skin clears, clear pores and improve skin texture

Facial Exfoliating Cleanser for oily skin (£20)

  • Contains glycolic acid (5.6%) and salicylic acid to dissolve debris and unclog pores.
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