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Manchester Clinic sees a 16 per cent rise

16th December 2011  : 

In the last 12 months more and more Mancunians have been opting to treat themselves with BOTOX®.BOTOX® in Manchester has been on the rise, with one clinic seeing an increase in treatments of an amazing 16 percent.

It's tough to narrow down the increase to just one reason -perhaps with the economic woes of the nation constantly in the news people are seeking the pick-me-up that only a more youthful appearance can bring. However, it is not just older people who are seeking out BOTOX® treatments in Manchester. The groups showing the largest increases in BOTOX® treatments in Manchester are men and younger women.

It is likely that a normalisation of BOTOX® in everyday life has had much of an impact on the uptake of BOTOX®  treatments. People no longer see BOTOX®  as a shameful or secretive procedure and people now know that BOTOX® prices in Manchester are quite reasonable and very affordable for those who want to look their best. Whether they are looking for an everyday pick-me-up or have a special event such as a night out at Bridgewater Hall, BOTOX®  prices in Manchester are not so high that treatments are reserved for celebrities.

It is clear that the benefits of BOTOX® are being recognized by whole new groups, with both women and men now enjoying the smooth skin and youthful appearance that BOTOX®  brings.

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