• Men’s Laser Hair Removal Is On The Rise

    The number of Men having Laser Hair Removal is growing fast
    There was a time when hair removal was something only women considered, but nowadays it’s a treatment more and more men are undergoing.
    In fact, the number of men purchasing laser hair removal at sk:n rose by 15% between 2015 and 2016.

    ... read more

  • Hyperhidrosis: Results are fantastic!

    Here's Hannah's story, who suffered from hyperhidrosis for a number of years, and recently decided to contact the experts at sk:n to see if they could offer a solution.... read more

  • Sun Protection: All You Need To Know

    ​We are fast approaching the summer months and we understand how easy it is to get carried away and forget the long term effects the sun can have on our skin.  ... read more

  • My experience of laser hair removal at sk:n

    Kirsty has suffered from PCOS (poly cystic ovaries syndrome) for many years. One of the more distressing symptoms for many women like Kirsty is male-pattern hair growth, particularly on the face. Sufferers can become obsessed with plucking waxing, threading and shaving – but of course none of these offer a permanent solution, and as you get older the issue tends to get worse. ... read more

  • Don't Put Off Having Laser Hair Removal

    ​Vinnie, aged 23, is a client at our Harborne Road clinic in Birmingham. Vinnie enjoys playing cricket in his spare time and came to see us as his excess body hair was making him feel uncomfortable.  We spoke to Vinnie about his laser hair removal experience at sk:n. ... read more

  • The Power of Peels

    ​Danika, aged 24 is part of the team in our Guilford clinic and after achieving such good results from her acne treatment plan, she wanted to share her experience with both clients and colleagues. She had tried a number of different products and treatments before, including inner peels, but had experienced limited results and was looking for a more effective solution.... read more

  • Event Round up: sk:n Shepherd’s Bush mark the launch of their brand new clinic.

    ​On Tuesday 21st March sk:n Shepherd’s Bush held their first ever open evening to officially mark the launch of their brand new clinic. ... read more

  • ​All of your questions answered by Dr Firas Al-Niaimi at our exclusive skincare event.

    On Tuesday 21st March 2017 between 6pm – 8pm sk:n Shepherd’s Bush will be hosting an evening with their Medical Director to demonstrate some of the cutting edge treatments they offer. ... read more

  • Celebrating Our 1st Year in Chester

    What a year!
    It’s our first birthday here at sk:n Chester, which means we’ve spent a whole year helping the people of Chester to achieve their skin goals with our amazing range of clinically proven treatments and products. And what a year it’s been. ... read more

  • Reading Clinic 1st Birthday

    It’s our first birthday here at sk:n Reading and we have been working hard all year to build and expand our team of experts, adding dermatologist Simon Harris and experienced nurse Katie to our knowledgeable clinic team.... read more

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