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Rupa Dave - Doctor

Rupa Dave -

Mrs Rupa Dave (FRCSEd) has extensive experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery. She has been practicing aesthetic & cosmetic treatments for the past 7 years to a very high standard with outstanding customer feedback. She specialises in achieving a natural look through the use of various treatment modalities.

She specialises in the treatment of skin lesions (25 years experience of diagnosis and treatment of suspicious moles and skin cancers) and works closely with the dermatologists in the NHS. She is an expert in the use of skin lasers and was one of the first clinicians to achieve BTEC qualification. She has been involved in teaching the use of skin lasers and dermatological surgery. She has published numerous papers on the use of lasers. She has also presented at national and international conferences regarding the use of skin lasers.

She sits as a magistrate and is an active member of clinical ethics committee in ABMU health board.

Fast Facts

  • MBBS 1988
  • FRCS(Ed) 1999
  • BTEC(Skin Lasers) 2000
  • MA(Medical Ethics) 2005
  • Magistrate
  • Clinical ethics committee
  • ABMU health board
  • R Dave, P Mahaffey: Combined early treatment of Congenital Melanocytic naevus with a carbon dioxide and Nd-YAG laser. British Journal of Plastic Surgery: 2004 Dec;57(8):720-4
  • R. Dave, B Monk, P Mahaffey: Spontaneous disappearance of viral warts at distant sites following carbon dioxide laser treatment. British Journal of Plastic Surgery. 2002, 55,8; 696-698
  • R. Dave, P Mahaffey: The control of fire hazard during cutaneous laser therapy.Lasers in Medical Science. 2002, 17; 6-8.
  • R. Dave, P Mahaffey: Successful treatment of an allergic reaction in a red tattoo with the Nd-YAG laser -A case report. British Journal of Plastic Surgery. 2002, 55, 5; 456

Clinical Interests & Specialities

  • Skin lasers
  • Diagnosis and treatment of suspicious moles
  • Skin lesions
  • Skin cancer

0121 567 8111